TP: Illnesses and vacation

December 11, 2009

The boys have been sick off and on since school started.  We’ve had the flu, colds, pneumonia, various sore throats and the like, and for the past week one of them has been running a low grade fever every evening for about 4 days straight.  I think we’re going to start bulking up on the vitamin C and return to the smoothie-a-day routine again.  Need to get the blender fixed first and the X-box while I’m at it (before the warranty runs out!)  Glad I buy everything with extended warranties these days.

Best Buy has saved my behind on many occasions with their no-hassle warranty policy.  I was turned onto their policy by a coworker and can personally highly recommend it to everyone.  My favorite is their cell phone warranty.  If you buy a cell phone from them and get the geek-squad warranty, they’ll replace your phone with a NEW one instead of a refurbished one like Sprint does, and the fee is up front, not monthly…and there’s no $100 fee to pay when you have to replace it too.  That’s practically worth the price of the phone!

I’m on vacation for the next week.  I need it to get ready for the holidays.  God, they zap every little piece of life and joy out of me.  Seems counter to the goal of happiness it’s supposed to herald.  Oh well, it’s more of a marketing push anyway so whatever.  Just happy we’ve got a family, our jobs, a roof and food on the the table.

Well, I’m having a really hard time getting moving this morning, and wasting time here isn’t making matters any better.  Guess I’ll get going and join the world of the productive (the “out of bed productive” that is…I’ve already paid bills and cleaned up 3 email accounts in bed, so it’s not been a total wash!)

Happy fricking holidays.  Bah