The World is a Vampire

March 8, 2010

Now that I know someone has actually read this thing (hi Rick!) I guess I should work on keeping it up to date.   There hasn’t been much good news lately, hence this entry’s title.


Mikael Rudolph, a.k.a. Mikael the Mime, passed away in the company of friends on February 26th.  By all accounts he was gaining strength, had more energy and was in generally good spirits.  Then on Feb 22nd he started to experience pain, a lot of pain, by Thursday they had the pain under control with meds, and he passed away the next day.   They said he was finally ready to go.  The Scarborough community has lost 2 others recently, that makes 4 in 4 months.  It’s been a shitty year for faire folks.

Phil, Hunter’s brother, received more bad news this past scan.  They’ve found another mass, this time on his other lung.  The kicker is, they can’t operate yet because he’s also got a few blood clots and they have to get rid of those first.  He’s on blood thinners, but every day they wait is another day for the mass to grow.  On the up side, he’s got his new prosthetic leg and is having a hoot (on Facebook at least) talking about it.


I had my nose broken at the Dropkick Murphy’s show last Monday.  The back of some guy’s head from the mosh pit connected with my face and…well…my face lost.  The swelling has finally gone down enough that you can see it better.  The bone itself isn’t broken, but the cartilage and the bone have separated.  I have got a bit of a bend in it now and a beautiful purple, yellow and green shiner that I’m quite proud of.  It’s too bad I didn’t take photos of it two days before, when it was purple from eyebrow to cheekbone.

They don't call them "Dropkick" for nothing

My souvenir from the Murphy's concert

“But other than that, Mrs. Lincoln, how was the play?”
The concert itself was amazing.  They have to be the best live band I’ve ever had the pleasure of watching!  Hunter couldn’t go, so I talked Rebecka into letting Jason go with me.  He loved it too.  Hunter and I also checked out the Flogging Molly concert a few weeks ago, too.   It was fantastic, as usual.

Word from my mom hasn’t been great.  Her new husband, Jerry, had his leg amputated last year due to complications from his diabetes (it’s been a bad year for legs in my family) and they’ve been dealing with that.   Then she went into the hospital a few weeks ago with fluid in her lungs and had to have her lung drained.  I’m not sure I ever truly understood what caused it.  She tried to explain it to me, but I couldn’t make heads or tails of it.  She’s home now and feeling better, so there’s some good news at least.

OH…last but not least…I have a new camera, so expect lots of great photos soon.  It’s a Pentax K-x and it is…RED!  Beautiful candy apple red!  It’s also a great camera, but the fact that it’s red just tickles me for some reason.  Here’s a pic:

Flashy, eh?  Well, it’s not THAT flashy, I could have opted for this version (not sure if I’m in love with it, or it’s overkill…but it’s definitely eye-catching):

Well, I know I’m missing lots of stuff but that’s the rundown on the big things.  Maybe I’ll update this thing again before the Summer.  Thanks again to Rick for reminding me that I had a blog.