Yep. I’m a biker.

March 28, 2010

You have been warned.

Just finished the “Look, Mom! I can go fast!” portion of the licensing. Now it’s time for the written test. Then off to pick up the bike.

I have mixed feelings about getting the bike, honestly. I wish I was getting it under different circumstances.


We’ve agreed to buy Phil’s motorcycle.  It’s a 2006 Kymco Venox 250cc, and from everything we’ve read, it’s a nice bike for the size.  It’s a great starter bike and it should be small enough that I can ride it without difficulty.  I tease Hunter and tell him it’s going to be mine…that I’ll buy him a bigger one next year.  hehe  Of course that’s nonsense, but I love teasing the man. 

I’m of two minds about the bike.  On the one hand my ‘mother’ side is terrified that he or I will get in a horrific accident.  The more I read motorcycle blogs, the more certain I am that this will happen.  It is a dangerous activity, not just if you act stupid, but because cars don’t see you.  I finally understand those who wish for an obnoxiously loud motorcycle.  It’s not just so people will see your bike in a vain sense, it’s so people will HEAR you coming and not hit you!  Why did that never occur to me before?  I guess I just never thought about it.

The other side of me, the risk taking, adrenaline junkie, is perfectly thrilled about it!  I’ve decided to let this side of me win on this one and try not to think about the risks too much.  I plan to be very conservative with my riding…and give cars plenty of room.  We’ll see after I ride it a bit if I can take the pressure. 

Hunter and I have decided to take the class together so we’ll both be able to ride it when we get it.  It’s still in Kansas right now, and we’ve got some time before we go get it.  We’re working on a way to transport it to Texas.  It’s too cold to drive it, it’s been snowing like crazy in Kansas and it’s still really cold up there.  (It’s cold down here too, for that matter!)