Blogging is hard!

August 16, 2013

Okie dokie, it’s time to try this “blogging” thing again. Just got a new Galaxy Note tablet that not only lets me write instead of type, but it actually recognizes cursive, so maybe I’ll use this tablet more than it’s Xoom predecessor. The Xoom has been passed along to my mom, much to her delight.  I’m really digging this tablet and am considering replacing my S4 with a Note when the time comes. (I think I’ve only got 648 months left on my contract, then I can upgrade.  Go me!)  I miss writing with a pen.  Fortunately for me, the tablet has some advanced software that can read my penmanship, despite the fact that I write like a second grader on his fifth Red Bull and Vodka.  Technology!

The situation with my mom was the last thing I posted about and I’m happy to report that things are going great on that front.  Mom is living in Tyler now and is adjusting as well as can be expected. The move to Texas has already proved to be practical several times just in the last month. She was hospitalized with pneumonia a few weeks ago, which may have ultimately been a good thing as I think she is FINALLY going to quit smoking!  (Yay, happy dance!)

Logan graduated from high school in June and has decided to attend UTD locally. (Yay, another happy dance!) He’ll stay at his Mom’s place during the week, so we’ll only see him on weekends. Bummer.

JT has decided to enlist in the Navy Reserves,which has garnered much pride from his Navy Grandma.  He has informed me that he’s expecting to go to boot camp in less than 2 weeks and I’m just not sure how I am going to cope when he’s gone.  For years and years I kept telling myself that I couldn’t wait to be an “empty nester,” but now, faced with the certain prospect of a quiet home, I’m seriously reevaluating my feelings on that subject.

Well that’s really all I can think of night now. I’m sure I’m forgetting dozens of equally fascinating things that have happened lately, but that’s all my poor mind can remember at the moment.


2 Responses to “Blogging is hard!”

  1. Betty Says:

    Awesome for Logan & JT with college & Navy Reserves! (Andy was in the Navy Reserves & his dad even retired from the Navy Reserves recently!) Sorry you are a bit sad but you have done a great job raising the boys!! A new chapter for you & them!!! Hugs!

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